Solar Panels Testimonials

Mr Semic - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Panasonic Hybrid (SJ25)                                                                             Product Name: MCS pv0034/28

General review of your supplier:                                                                      

I was pleased with the installation however I was offered a warranty for 5 years, however I would have preferred a longer warranty of say 10 years. I was informed that this would cost me a lot more. However, I have since researched and found similar warranties for a longer period for the price that I paid. 



Mrs Prior - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Phono Solar with SolarEdge                                                                 Product Name: MCS PV0028/32

General review of your supplier:                                                                                              Installers absolutely brilliant, service was fantastic. They worked non-stop from 8am until 6pm to ensure that everything ws done


Mr Mason - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: SolarWorld                                                                                               Product Name: MCS pv0027/107

General review of your supplier:                                                                                              Very good service all round



Mr Lealman - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Hyundia black mono 54 cell                                                                 Product Name: BBA 0039/258

General review of your supplier:                                                                                             Installation excellent and this was completed in a polite and friendly manner - very profesional. We requested that the cabling be brought into the house in an unusual mnner and this was dealt with without question The installer very kindly made a suggestion as to the location of one of the boxes as we have a cat; pointing out that there is a slight humming noise that cannot be heard by the human ear but a cat may pick it up.


Mr Rafton - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Upsolar black                                                                                           Product Name: BBA 0021/32

General review of your supplier:                                                                                             Very good



Mr Jacobs - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Hyundia black mono 54 cell                                                                 Product Name: BBA 0039/258

General review of your supplier:                                                                                                I had the general view that these quys knew what they were doing - verry happy.



Mr Rothwell - 06.08.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Jinko with SolarEdge                                                                             Product Name: mcs pv0163/922

General review of your supplier:                                                                                                I cannot fault this company; I have no complaints at all. They did what they said they would do.



Mr Thornber - 05.05.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Solar World Silver                                                                                    Product Name: 4KW

General review of your supplier:                                                                                              Always very helpful and endeavoured to complete on time inspite of problem caused by other customers. Not of Marks making. 


Mr Wegelius - 02.04.15

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Canadian Solar ELPS PV modules                                                          Product Name: 3.24KW

General review of your supplier:                                                                                               They did exactly as quoted and when they said they would. Friendly and efficient, completion of paper work all done, very hassle free. 

Mrs Green

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Suntech panels and SMA inverters                                                           Product Name: don't know

General review of your supplier:                                                                                               I had my solar PV system installed in Feb 2012. In invited several firms to come and quote. My roof is an unusual shape and I was unsure of how and if the array would fit. Of all he installers who visited my house Mark was the only one who actually got up in the workspace, with a Tape measure and did a proper job. He was very knowledgeable without being pushy or sales-smooth. I was given detailed design info and although not the cheapest quote it was competitive and I felt that the company had a good local reputation and installed base and verifiable customers. The installers came very quickly and worked in awful weather to get my system certified before the deadline of the original FIT RATE cut off. They were careful, and did a good job, and attended to a couple of extra things that they could have just ignored or left. I have been very pleased with the performance of my arrays thus far. No problems at all. 


Mr Box - 23.10.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Axitec silver                                                                                                 Product Name: 4KW

General review of your supplier:                                                                                               Excellent serice throughout installation and all dealings with the company.



Mr and Mrs Barlow - 15.10.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: don't know                                                                                                 Product Name: don't know

General review of your supplier:                                                                                              Some four year into the install and we can report we are very happy with our system and had no faults or problems. It had produced more than was predictedand has been a good, sound investment. We thank Mark from Solar Plus Yorkshire for his honest, technical knowledge and expertise who explained in great detail solar's capabilities and different products on the market. So detailed was his planning, he impaired a greater knowledge to me. A friend who had solar panels installed by another company could not work out why her solar reads were so low. When I went to look,  I could tell her straight away what the problems were and told her to get the company back. They identified exactly what i was saying and rectified the problem. In my opinion, the contractors she used were the worst of the industry. I have no probelms with recommending Solar Plus Yorkshire. From design, survey and installation it was a first class service.


Mr Cooke - 01.10.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Eco Future                                                                                                 Product Name: 3.84KW                                                                       General review of your supplier:                                                                                               The lady who came and did the presentation was excellent and explained everything thoroughly. The installers were polite and efficient and completed the work as projected by the sales person

Mrs Ibbotson - 30.09.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                              Product make: Schott                                                                                                            Product Name: Schot Solar Panels

General review of your supplier:                                                                                               Fast, efficient friendly service with installation and able to answer any queries we had. System has been installed for 3-4 years and we have had no problems with it.

Mr Smith - 26.09.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                        Product make: BOSCH                                                                                                            Product Name: BOSCH SOLAR MODULE C-Si M60 EU 44123 275

General review of your supplier:                                                                                              Apart from the good service and workmanship, I think the most important aspect was the after sales/installation service. About 2-3 months after installation I was contacted and advised that based on experience the inverter might have not been wired optimally and they would visit to rectify the situation, which they did. It significantly increased the daily KW/HRS generated and the system is now approaching the annual KW PROJECTION of 3050 KW. Without their intervention I would have been none the wiser about the wiring of the inverter, but perhaps a little more disappointed in the annual KW generated

Mr Anderson - 23.09.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                                Product make: rene solar                                                                                                       Product Name: 4kw

General review of your supplier:                                                                                             Very helpful


Mr English - 16.09.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                                 Product make: don't know                                                                                                      Product Name: don't know

General review of your supplier:                                                                                              Fitted panels well - and in atrocious weather!



Mr Barker - 03.09.14

Technology: Solar electricity                                                                                           Product make: don't know                                                                                                Product Name: don't know

General review of your supplier:                                                                                          Very enthusiastic and honest, made clear explanations of all the equipment installation etc. Was realistic about benefits and ensured everything was working properly before completion. Nothing waqs much trouble.


Mr Rothwell - 14th April 2015

1. How would you describe your first contact with Solar Plus Yorkshire? - excellent
2. How easy was your quote to understand and did it give you all the information 
 that you needed to make an informed decision? - excellent
3. If you had any questions regarding the installation work were we able to answer 
 those question in a quick and professional manner? - excellent
4. Were you happy with the instructions/ information following completion of the 
 work? - excellent
5. How would you rate the performance of our installation team? - excellent
6. Following completion of the work, was the work area left in a clean & tidy state?
 - excellent
7. Overall how satisfied were you with the whole process? - excellent


John Edwards' Solar Panel Install, Knaresborough

"Just a short note to compliment you and your staff for the excellent service regarding the provision, installation and commissioning of my 3KVA Solar PV system.

After an initial meeting during which all of the technical issues were discussed, and following contract agreement, the Solar PV system was fitted on the agreed date by your team of engineers. The work was carried out in a very professional manner with minimum disruption to the household. Your staff were punctual, courteous, efficient and cleared away equipment and materials when they left each evening.

The installation has been operating now for nearly 2 months. I am very pleased with the PV system and would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who may be considering purchase of a similar Solar PV system."

Jim Everett's Solar Panel Install, Great Barugh

The Contract

"When deciding to do business with someone first impressions are quite important but one is often disappointed that early positive impressions are not followed through to the end of the contract. This has not been my experience with SolarPlus Yorkshire.

The first contact was positive and it soon became clear that the company was led by a person who was prepared to work hard to satisfy the customer to win the business.

I had contacted several companies requesting quotations for PV Solar systems but none came close to the package being offered by SolarPlus Yorkshire.

I had many questions and several had to be researched before an answer could be given but answers were always forthcoming and could be trusted. SolarPlus Yorkshire can offer a range of manufacturers' products to suit a customer's needs and in my case, having a background in engineering, I was biased towards established companies with a proven track record in this business area. SolarPlus Yorkshire was more than happy to supply this type of product and did so at prices that were competitive.

So, for me it was an easy decision to place an order with SolarPlus Yorkshire and so it was that we moved into the second phase of the contract.

The Installation

Having agreed a date to start the installation Mark called to confirm the scaffold company would arrive early on the date agreed to erect the scaffolding prior to his installation team. When he arrived we were introduced to the two installation staff and it wasn't long before my initial positive impression was being confirmed.

They had a tidy and professional approach to the job and it showed in the workmanship. Each phase of the job was considered and, where necessary, was discussed and agreed before moving forward. The end result is a very neat installation with the job being completed on time to a high standard of workmanship.

The system was switched on yesterday afternoon during the 4th week of September 2010 and by midday today was producing at the estimated average rate for the system.

It is too early to say that we are totally satisfied but, at this stage, we are very pleased with the system and its installation and would have no hesitation in recommending SolarPlus Yorkshire to others who are considering installing this type of system."

Chris Craven's Solar Panel Install, Arkendale

"After lengthy Solar PV investigations, and involving several companies, I eventually selected SolarPlus Yorkshire for my installation.

I am delighted to report that the 3 day fitting period went like clockwork and the company's staff were more than efficient.

Although the system has only been running for a short period, it is very apparent that the financial returns should generally be as planned for."

[*Note: references to the old company name Solar Panels 4U in the above testimonials have been updated to SolarPlus Yorkshire]