Why Go Solar? Benefits Revealed

by Jake | Last Updated: August 1, 2021
why go solar
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Why go solar

There are several benefits why home and business owners are making the decision to go solar, but the most popular reasons are to help the environment and to cut down on energy costs. More and more people are realizing how efficient solar is and the ability they have to reduce their carbon footprint. Solar energy improves home and business property and in many cases there are federal incentives to invest in solar.

No matter if your intentions are to go solar for personal preference, economical, in order put more money in your pocket, or due to environmental concerns and wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, we will have plenty of reasons why you should make the swap! More and more people are making the swap in the United States than ever before!

Why do you want to go solar?

The initial investment can be no more than $0 down in some instances on a loan for solar power and you can have cheaper electricity bills. For example. By taking advantage of a sun’s power, if it is heat ray to heat air and water there is an infinite source of heat. The heat of sun is an endless source of light. Compared to traditional renewable energy sources it produces little to no pollution. Concerned Scientists states that fossil fuel plants account for over a third of pollution causing global warming.

Top following reasons suggested are in no particular order.

Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

  1. Environmental – protect the environment
  2. Sustainability for the future
  3. Help create jobs and stimulate local business growth
  4. Increase your property value
  5. Reduce or eliminate your electric bills
  6. Tax advantages
  7. Limited maintenance
  8. Protect against rising energy costs
  9. Flexible financing options
  10. Stay competitive

Environmental Solar Power Benefits

According to the EPA, electricity emissions account for 27 percent of American pollution. Installation of solar panel can reduce ur lima footprint. Solar panels can emit three to four tons of CO2 per year— the equivalent of planting 100 trees each year. If you want to be a sustainable business it should prove your commitment to sustainability, increasing employee morale as it shows sustainability to potential customers. Going solar can help employees with moral highs and shows sustainability to potential customers. In addition, we should all try to do our own part to help the environment as it drastically needs it in this day and age!

Help Create Jobs with Solar Power

Installing a solar panel system seems to be the most popular among those interested in solar electricity and energy savings. The benefit to this is it brings a TON of jobs to the US market. Last year, jobs in solar increased by 21.8 percent according to Ecowatch.com. This growth is expected to continue in the future which is tremendous! Solar jobs tend to carry a higher salary which is great and in addition, they typically can’t be outsourced. Due to these reasons, solar power-related jobs are a major contributor to the US economy.

How does solar energy affect the value of a home?

Solar panels are seen as improvements as renovating kitchen islands or finished submersibles in rehabilitated homes. Homebuyers nationwide have offered their money as a premium of about $15,000 for a home with a typical-sized solar array. In 2008 California homes with energy-efficient features and PV homes sold faster than homes consuming more energy. In most cases, homes that have solar power are incredibly beneficial to homebuyers and sell faster than homes that don’t have solar panels. Installing solar is an investment that adds value to your house.

Solar energy increases property value

According to recent data, this installation boosted the value of his home to nearly $20,000 based on his 4-kW PV system. We are grateful the recent market research proves we see clearly as prime investment solar is an excellent investment. Solar energy delivers a complex combination of unique benefits that have not been found elsewhere in the industry:.

Solar Energy Savings

solar energy savings
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Homes with solar panels use less electricity to connect to the grid. They capture direct sunlight energy. When you install solar panels, that means you control your power consumption and you will have fewer bills on your end.

Protect yourself from rising electricity rates

Since 1970 electricity prices have averaged more than 3% a year. Solar power has a fixed price. With solar, there’s no need to be concerned about how electricity prices in the future will change.

Is your electric bill going up?

In part it helps the home adoption of solar energy to drive electricity prices lower at lower prices. The impact of home electricity produced via solar panels is similar to the effect on the electricity markets through vegetable growers. By opting for solar energy it is cheaper for you to pay a monthly bill. The more we switch to solar the better health of the environment as well as the economy. Please see the customer referral program for people who want to go solar. Get paid to refer Solar Clients! More details. Go for the solar with solarisation.

Renewable energy is ready to help bring you peace of mind with your electric bill

Solar is a wonderful way to beat rising energy bills. It is no secret that electricity price is going up. As long as your grid produces energy, you won’t have to fret about price fluctuations or these shocking statistics. By investing in solar-powered home technology it has been shown to increase the value on home by 3-7%. The energy information agency says electricity rates will rise for households over the next five years. In many states, net metering allows homeowners to sell out unused electricity for energy credits to utilities. The federal government offers 26% deduction to owner’s of the cost of installation. Avoid putting off energy investments that can increase the quality of life and reduce energy bills. Not to mention you can still receive a lower energy bill and peace of mind year after year.

Below are some frequently asked questions that may be of help to you!

final thoughts

Why do we go solar?

Solar energy can fix an electricity rate and reduce unexpected expenses in utility bills. It would also make you better at managing and forecasting your expenses. Solar energy home owners should make the switch.

How do I start going solar?

There are several mapping services developed by SETO awards helping you determine whether your roof is suitable for solar. A search engine can help you find companies that install solar panels within your radius. Solarize campaigns can also show you how to start to move towards solar energy. As the number of participating households increases the cost of their installation falls. In the long term with community involvement in programs this cost also decreases. For more information follow the Link.

How do I install solar panels?

In conjunction with the SETO award Fraunhofer CSE is developing a Plug and Play Solar array the panels can be attached quickly onto the roof by adhesive roof mounting equipment. Until it’s available in your local home improvement store you should contact a professional solar contractor. In the future you have the chance to install solar with a pro who maintains a certification for doing so and works with high-quality sun panels. The industry standard certification is administered through North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). In less than 12 hours it will be operational.

How can I get state incentives to go solar?

DSIRE provides an extensive list of the financial incentives and regulatory policies applicable to your home. A knowledgeable local installation technician will be able to assist you claim state and local incentives as well as the ITC. USC Technology is funded by the Department of Energy at N.C. State University. It is run by Clean Energy Institute of the University of North Carolina supported by U.N. State. The Institute of Renewable Energy is a voluntary organization dedicated to providing renewable energy to the U.S.

How can I get financing for solar?

Solar loans reduce the cost upfront. Leases – and PPAs – permit consumers to host system solar powered by solar companies and collect the electricity generated. Sun loans function like home upgrades loans and some jurisdictions offer free solar loan with very low market prices. Clean Energy States Alliance released a new document which explained the advantages and disadvantages of any option. The guide helps to explain your options and navigate the landscape of solar financing can be challenging.

Is solar energy safe?

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All solar panel systems are checked internationally at international examination standards. They must be installed properly and comply locally with building fire-and fire-related fire codes or local codes. Your system will go through a thorough inspection from a qualified electrician as part of the installations process.